¤*tMarie*¤ (xontae) wrote in euphoric_stupor,

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don't take my shit

Why do people try to rip you off and play you like your stupid when your high? Seriously It is a huge mistake on the culperates part. Seriously don't try to steal someones fix, cause they will get nasty and violent. Seriously I may be high, but I know when someones trying to scam me. I didn't grow up in the fucking sticks or something. Trust I will fight to the end for what is rightfully mine. When I am high I take a lot more risks for that bag, whether it be a 5, a dime, or an O. Don't fuck with me and try and take my shit. Especially if you didn't earn it. I am so pissed off right now. What a fucking buzz kill. Never try to rip an angry white girl off for her weed. Cause seriously its not cool.
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