Back-pocket Secrets (untold_desires) wrote in euphoric_stupor,
Back-pocket Secrets

a poem untitled

I found this piece of paper that I remember from a while ago, writing it down while I was very high & drunk. I can't remember if I had any coke that night or not. But I do remember freaking out and asking my friend for a notebook, because I saw this community and wanted to try out being creative while drugged. ^_^ It's written in sharpie! Lol. Anyways, here it is:


I can feel the synergy
Flowing through me
As the music beats
To the sound of my heart

Lights, sound, action
Its all the same
Sensory perception
Aided by earth-given forces

A rhythm truly of life
Just pump to the night's beat
One flash of wisdom
And the magick is gone

Let gelatinous saccharin substance
Flow through eternity



I'd love to hear feedback if you guys have any. Also, if you're a stoner who likes to chat with other stoners, come check out 420_stoner_street. They seem pretty cool.

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