Back-pocket Secrets (untold_desires) wrote in euphoric_stupor,
Back-pocket Secrets

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Self-denial for liberation

Craving a taste
A necessity misplaced
Days go to waste
For an action in haste
Cannot feed the need
Must follow the creed
Or I'll bleed
Like a broken seed
Down, down, down
A sentimental frown
A strange macabre clown
The loser wears the crown
Just deal with the pain
I've got all to gain
My heart tells my brain
But my brain is slain
No worth
On this earth
To one of mirth
For the girth
Of narcissistic navel-gazing
A little patch of green blazing
Keep the high amazing
To deal with hazing
One more high
Smoke, cut, or die
I've got to fly
Don't ask me why
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